Great sensual massage

Each of us sometimes needs a rest from work, from worries or from the stress that accompanies us every day. And sometimes is really hard to find a time only for us. We have worries about our family or there are worries and stress in our work. It is very important to think about yourself, we should have any place, where won´t be any ordinary world or its pitfalls.

That´s true, you can stay at home and watch a film or go with your friends to restaurant and enjoy time with them. But if you feel that you need to be alone with your thoughts, you can arrive to our salon. What can we offer you? We offer you special massage procedures that will focus on your intimacy and relieve to your body an also your soul. Remove all stress from your body and brain. Enjoy only great procedure with pretty masseuse who takes care about your tired muscles.

masáž po muže

This procedure starts by assisted soapy shower – only if you want, there is also possibility to have a shower alone. Then you will go to the massage bed. She will be naked like you and that´s way, how she can slide on you thanks to special warm gel. Enjoy this pleasure, because it is like a dream.

masáž pro ženy

You can enjoy this like a part of your Prague trip or you can go to Matahari salon regularly. There is also possibility to choose your masseuse, so you can try lots of girls and their techniques or you can have always the same girl, who is perfect for your relaxation and who understands you.

This sensual massage is really special and you cannot get it in all salons in Prague – our procedures are very special, full of touches, pleasure and exciting experience. There is everything really discreet, so you can be calm and only enjoy your time here.

This experience is not only for men. We have also skillful masseur that will pay full attention to women, or you can try also pair erotic massage that can bring a new inspiration to you relationship.